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Cooperative Story Telling Online


Welcome to this site! Let your creative juices for story telling flow and join in this cooperative venture. I will give you the beginning of a story. You may want to work  in small groups or as a class.

Complete the story in six paragraphs (in less then 50 words per paragraph). Once completed, your teacher will e-mail your story to the webmaster and it will be published in KELAS Online.

Access our site from time to time to see how the story ends.


Trip to Kuching

From her window seat, Jasmine could see the buildings of Kuching slowly becoming visible through the clouds. She fastened her seat-belt as the plane began its descent. Her brother, Mark rummaged in his backpack for the letter and neswpaper clipping from their father, Henry Mintos. It had been six long months since they last saw him! . . . . .