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Puzzles and Riddles

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Abdul, Busra, Malik, Jalil and Zaki are neighbours. Each of them has a hobby which is different from those of others, drives a different type of car, favours a different type of food, and keeps a different type of pet.

  1. Abdul’s house is situated between Malik’s house and Busra’s house.
  2. The person living in the house on the extreme right likes to eat lempuk and drives a Chrysler.
  3. The person who lives in the house on the extreme left likes fishing and enjoys eating cakes.
  4. The person who owns a Porche lives next to the man who likes fishing.
  5. The man who likes to eat noodles lives between the man who likes lempuk and the man who likes fried rice. 
  6. Malik, who lives beside the man who likes fishing, keeps a rabbit.
  7. The person living next to Malik, on the left, has a pet cat while the person living on the right likes birds.
  8. Abdul owns a Mercedes and his neighbour on the right drives a Morris.
  9. Malik who drives a Porche likes to collect stamps.
  10. Busra who likes to eat noodles loves singing, while his neighbour on the right loves dancing.
  11. Zaki who loves cats likes to go fishing.
  12. The person who keeps goldfish lives next door to Busra.


  1. Who lives in the house on the extreme right?

  2. Who likes to keep white mice?

  3. Who owns a Proton Saga?

  4. Who loves to read?

  5. Who enjoys eating rojak?

Discuss your answer with your teacher.
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