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Thinking Critically

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Creative Thinking: Exercise 8

Solve these problems as creatively as possible.

Section 8A

  1. Two friends played five games of chess. Each of them won five games. How was this possible?

  2. A cow was tied to a ten-foot rope, but it managed to get across a field, which was twenty feet wide and thirty feet long. How was this possible?

  3. A king has only one son. When he dies what does his son become?

Section 8B

  1. A cowboy has stolen 3 golden nuggets from the Indians and has escaped. He has reached a rope bridge across a ravine and knows that if he gets to the other side, there’s an Indian graveyard, and the Indians won’t follow him. The only problem is that there’s a sign next to the bridge that says maximum weight 80 Kilograms. He weighs 78 kilos and the nuggets weigh 1 kg each. How can he get across with ALL the 3 nuggets? The Indians are 1 minute behind him.

  2. A man is driving along a country lane. His headlights are not working, there is no streetlight because he is in the middle of nowhere, and there is no moonlight. A man steps out in front of him but he manages to see the man and stop. How come he manages to see him?

  3. A man wearing 3 hats stacked on top of each other goes into the British Museum and asks to see the director. He explains to the Director that he has one of the few remaining gold coins that were issued in 44 BC on Caesar’s death. He gives the coin to the director. On one side it says ‘Caesar 100 BC - 44 BC" and on the other side there is a picture of him. The director looks at the man, looks at his hats, looks at the coin, and says, "It’s false". How does he know? (Helps if you draw the 2 sides on the board)



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