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Thinking Critically

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Creative Thinking: Exercise 6

Solve these problems as creatively as possible.


Section 6A

  1. Three friends went into a café and each had a single cup of coffee. Each put an odd number of lumps of sugar into her cup of coffee. In total they put 12 lumps of sugar in their cups. How many lumps did each woman consume?

  2. The director of a private hospital recently confirmed that many of the people admitted to his hospital were not ill at all. They were perfectly healthy, yet they were given hospital care and treatment. Why?

  3. Is it legal to marry your widow's sister?

Section 6B

  1. Siti went to visit her bank manager and she took her young daughter with her.  The bank manager said that the woman's daughter could stay with his secretary during the meeting. When the woman and her daughter left, the secretary turned to another secretary and said to her, "That little girl was my daughter!" How could that be possible?

  2. In a town in ancient Greece there was a law stating that all men must be clean-shaven and that no man might shave himself. The only person allowed to shave people was the licensed town barber, who was forty years old. There was only one barber in the town. Since the barber was bound by the same law, who shaved the barber?

  3. Two fathers and two sons went hunting. Each one of them killed one deer. They altogether brought three deers home. How is that possible?



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