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Thinking Critically

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Creative Thinking: Exercise 4

Solve these problems as creatively as possible.

Section 4A

  1. Why do scuba divers sit on the edge of the boat and fall out backwards when they want to enter the water?

  2. Some months have 30 days and some have 31 days, How many months have 28 days?

  3. Ali and Muthu were playing badminton. They played three sets and Ali won three sets. Muthu also won three sets. How did they do this?

Section 4B

  1. Everyday Maniam, who lives on the tenth floor, takes the elevator down in the morning to leave his apartment building. One the way home he takes the elevator up to the seventh floor, gets off, and walks three flights up to his apartment. He does this everyday even though he hates walking the three flights up. When it rains, he takes his umbrella and can take the elevator all the way to the tenth floor. Why?

  2. Lim walked into a large room and discovered that a man had committed suicide by hanging himself. The dead man was hanging in the middle of the room from a rope. Beneath the man was a large puddle of water. There was no furniture in the room and the man was hanging three feet from the floor. The nearest wall was ten feet away. How did the man hang himself?

  3. One afternoon, a group of people were having a party. Richard, one of the guests hated everyone at the party, and decided it was a good chance to kill them all. He went to the table where there was a large bowl of punch made with fruit juice, vodka, and ice. He took one drink, and then told the host that he had to take care of some business and would return in about two hours. When he returned, the punch bowl was half-empty and all the people, to his delight, were dead. How did he kill them?



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