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Thinking Critically

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Creative Thinking: Exercise 3

Solve these problems as creatively as possible.

Section 3A

  1. What was the highest mountain in South East Asia before Mount Kinabalu was discovered?

  2. Ahmad, a weight-lifting enthusiast, sells fish at a wholesale market. He is five feet tall, has curly black hair, wears size eight shoes and size sixteen shirts. What does he weigh?

  3. If Sinbad sailed across the Seven Seas in search of six sacred swords and soon after securing them set off for home, how many S's are there in all?

Section 3B

  1. At the Kuala Lumpur Children's hospital the patients loved to play with the cuddly teddy bears that were placed in the wards. Unfortunately, the children liked them so much that the bears were disappearing at an alarming rate as the young patients took them home. How did the hospital solve this problem?

  2. There are three man in one room, one man shoots the second man but the third man doesn't see it. Note that the third man is not blind; he doesn't have his eyes closed; he didn't blink; the room isn't dark and he does not turn around.

  3. Siti and Jamilah were best friends. One day they went shopping together. Siti tried on a sweater and then, to Jamilah's surprise, walked out of the supermarket wearing the sweater under her long ‘tudung’. A moment later, the supermarket's security officer stopped Jamilah and demanded that she informed him the name of the girl who walked out. He told the manager that he had seen the two girls together, and that he was sure that the one who left had been shoplifting. The manager told Jamilah that she could really get into trouble if she didn't give her friend's name. Should Jamilah tell on her friend, or shouldn't she? Why?



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