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Thinking Critically

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Creative Thinking: Exercise 1

Solve these problems as creatively as possible.

Section 1A

  1. If a man were born in Indonesia, educated in Singapore, worked in Thailand and died in Malaysia, what is he?

  2. A lady, dressed in black, was walking home. There was no moon in the sky. A car, coming from the opposite direction had no lights on. The lady then crossed the road. How did the driver of the car see her?

  3. Four adults, two children and a cat were under an umbrella. How come none of them got wet?

Section 1B

  1. Two sisters, Laila and Imee are clearing up their house for a family reunion. Each of them has to clear up her bedroom. Their bedrooms are of the same size. Laila takes 30 minutes to complete her work but Imee takes one hour. Explain why.

  2. Rama and Ranjit are good friends. They have bought the same type of shirt each at the same shop at the same time. After about two months, Rama finds that the colour of his shirt has faded while Ranjit's shirt still looks new. Explain why.

  3. You have given a friend an expensive china bowl as a birthday present. When she opens the parcel in front of you and some other friends, the bowl is found to be broken. What will you do? Why?



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