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Thinking Critically

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Creative Thinking: Exercise 5

Solve these problems as creatively as possible.

Section 5A

  1. Tourists to the scenic village in Pulau Layang Layang were often amused by Johan, who was considered to be the village idiot. When offered a choice between a shiny 50-sen coin and a crumpled RM5 bill, he would always happily choose the 50-sen coin. The RM5 was worth ten times as much, so why did Johan never choose it?

  2. A businessman came home as usual at 6 p.m. He normally had his dinner as soon as he arrived home. This evening he was very hungry as he had had no lunch. However, despite the fact that his wife had cooked all his favourite dishes and placed them on the table ready to be eaten, he waited until exactly 7.05 p.m. to eat. Why did he wait?

  3. Ali parked his car outside a bank and rushed in. He held up twenty people and ran out with RM 200. A policeman who saw the whole accident stopped him. He told Ali off with a warning and then let him go. Why did he do so?

Section 5B

  1. There were two fishermen who returned home one day and made the following statement: "The ones we caught we threw away. The ones we could not catch we kept." What did they mean?

  2. A man and his wife went to visit a friend’s farm. The farm had a large crop of carrots. When the man saw the huge crop he thought that most of the carrots in the crop would be wasted. Wondering what the farmer did with such a large crop he asked .The farmer said: "What we can eat we eat, what we canīt we can." The man looked puzzled and didnīt understand what the farmer meant by that.  What did the farmer mean?

  3. A customer in a restaurant was stirring his coffee when he noticed a fly in the cup. He pointed the insect out to the waiter who took the cup away and returned in a few moments with another cup. The man tasted the new cup and called out to the waiter," Waiter! You only removed the fly. This is the same coffee!" How did the man know the waiter had not changed the coffee?



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