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SMAKL wrote: 8/98
     Once upon a time, there lived a monkey, a tortoise and a mousedeer. They were very close friend and owned an orchard. The mousedeer and the tortoise were hardworking while the monkey was lazy.
     One day, the mousedeer and the tortoise walked in their orchard. In the orchard, they planted many fruits such as durians, rambutans, mangosteens and others. When they were collecting rambutans, the monkey came. The monkey said, "I'm so hungry. May I have some fruit?". "I'm sorry. You can't have our fruit because you doesn't help us".
     Suddenly, the monkey saw three durians fell down from the tree. "I don't care, I don't care, I want that durians!" Without the mousedeer and the tortoise permission, the monkey took the durians and ate them. The monkey ate like a troop of army. Suddenly, the monkey felt so hot and it face was red all over. Then, the monkey ran from the place. The mousedeer and the tortoise laughed at the monkey.

SHAHFUL from SMAKL, KL wrote: 8/98
Beauty and the Beast
     I want to tell you a story that is very interesting. It is not so funny or scary but you'll enjoy it.
     The story began in a small village named Sentul Manis. The name of the village chief is Seng Killdie. He had a wife named Che Pah. They had two daughters. The older one was called Onion and the young one was Garlic
     Onion was a stupid and lazy girl but she was her parents' favourite. This is because she was beautiful but unfortunately she had a bad personality. However, garlic was a bit ugly with a big scar on her face. But she was hardworking. Due to her ugliness her parents hated her.      Sad but true. Their parents judjed their daughters by their looks not by their conduct.
To be continued......

Nizuwan & Mohamad Husaini from Penang Free School wrote:
29 Sept. 1998 22:50 EDT
     Once upon a time there was a rabbit and a tortoise live in the city on the year 2020. They were a good friend. One day the rabbit asking the tortoise, "why your car are so slow ?". The tortoise answered, "because I dont want to show my talent to a lousy car especially your car!" The rabbit became angry because the tortoise answered like that.
     The rabbit challenge the tortoise to race at KLIA Racing Curcuit. The tortoise accept the challenge. The race will begin on Monday in the next month. The tortoise make a very good preparation. He change the engine from using the Datsun 120y to the skyline GT-R while the rabbit used Ferarri Maranello without changing anything because the rabbit is very sure that he could be the winner in the race.
     Today is Monday. The race will begin at 1:00 a.m without any notice from the men-in-charge of the race and without audience. "Vrooooommmmm" - the race begin. The rabbit was leading the race on the first round while the tortoise follow from behind. Suddenly the rabbit's car crashed after the rabbit had lost control because it was not prepared for the race. "BBBOOOM" - the rabbit's car crashed on the wall at the last the last lap.
     The tortoise became really confident to win the race. It was speeding at maximum torque and suddenly at the last corner the car had a engine problem. Both of them didn't win the race. At last both of them become professional drivers. Both of them race in world touring car championship and won a lot of race. The lesson on this story is do not race in illegal race.